EnergyWise Ghana is a consulting firm that provides Project Management and Development service for clients and investors interested in the Renewable Energy markets as well as the mineral and metal markets of Ghana West Africa.

Working in the Information Technology sector on various projects for over 12 years in Canada, the Founder and Director who always had a passion for his home country of birth decided to start this company to be the bridge between investors and anyone looking to do business in Ghana or the West African Sub Region.

Doing business in this region comes with it's challenges. With our vast network of contacts and Partner's, we are strategically placed to assist with all Project Development and Management needs.

Our Core Values


We work tirelessly to ensure that our work is conducted to the highest standards, and that we are either leading, or abreast of, the latest innovations in our field.


We are duty-bound to provide our clients with consistent, honest and unbiased analysis and counsel. Integrity is our North Star.


We treat both clients and staff as partners, committing ourselves to their objectives, being responsive to needs, and going the extra mile to help them achieve their goals.


We are committed to leading by example, by minimizing our environmental footprint and by supporting those who encourage stewardship of the planet.