It all starts with one question: what can be achieved?

  • Potential Studies
  • Technology Reviews
  • Market Assessments
  • Building Optimization
  • Business Case Analysis
  • Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
We help our clients assess the potential for adoption of energy efficiency, renewable energy and clean mobility solutions.

We do this holistically – simultaneously integrating all efficiency measures or clean energy solutions in Ghana – or individually, for a given technology, market segment, program strategy, or asset portfolio.

Whatever the breadth of solutions you are interested in, we can quantify the technical, economic and market opportunity it represents; assess its costs, benefits and risks; and help you make decisions with confidence.
A goal without a plan is just a wish.

  • Policies and Frameworks
  • Comprehensive Plans
  • Incentive and Financing Programs
  • Market Transformation
  • Enabling Strategies
  • Codes and Standards
We help our clients design market, policy or regulatory strategies that achieve real-world results. They are effective because they are rooted in an understanding of real-world market dynamics, because they account for lessons learned elsewhere (often the hard way), because they are adjusted to local contexts, characteristics and market intelligence, and because they are built on a deep foundation of experience and insight.

Whether it’s designing specific policies, comprehensive plans, incentive programs, financing strategies, laws and regulations or other tools in the toolbox, we help ensure that your strategy is effective, and that your goals can actually be achieved.
You can’t manage what you don’t measure – and clean energy programs are no different.

  • Baseline Studies
  • Impact Evaluations
  • Process Evaluations
  • Evaluation Planning
  • Strategic Assessments
  • Performance Benchmarking
We help our clients take the pulse of their programs and strategies. We assess baseline market conditions, measure program-induced change, assess the effectiveness of processes and delivery, calculate cost-effectiveness, help plan overall evaluation activities, benchmark performance and conduct strategic reviews to find ways of achieving ever-greater results.

Most of all, we know that evaluation can be useful if built, first and foremost, to help do better. That means taking a constructive approach, delivering results quickly, and focusing on opportunities for continuous improvement. Whether it’s to assess impacts or identify ways to improve performance, we can help.